What is QIMS?

Quantum Integrated Marketing System

Are your marketing campaigns underperforming? Do you need more targeted and qualfied sales leads?

Quantum Integrated Marketing System is a unique strategy which combines a number of common marketing techniques in a highly unusual way.

You are probably well aware of integrated marketing campaigns - combining a number of strategies such as online marketing, advertising and direct mail to work together for a greater effect.

Well, QIMS does that - but on steroids.

Hence the term QUANTUM.

Most importantly QIMS achieves these outstanding 'Quantum' results on a very small budget.

So if like most companies you are working on a boot strap budget, QIMS is perfect for you.

To give you an idea, QIMS achieves all the following:

Detailed market research so you can understand the real needs and concerns of your prospects and customers
Unprecedented response direct mail response rates (if you normally achieve less 1%, rates of 5%-15% are common with QIMS!)
High conversion rates from inquiry to appointment (30% is not unusual)
Highly profiled and targeted leads for your sales team to follow up
Prospects keen to take your call and open to talking to you
Build long term and highly credible relationships
Increase brand awareness
Greatly enhance your market positioning
Boost the motivation and morale of your sales team & other staff
Reapply the system year after year and increase your result each time with testing


Generate huge amounts of high quality publicity and press exposure in both the trade and national press (should you wish it).

There are a number of ways to implement QIMS.

Traditionally we have used direct mail which still get the best results. However, now with the power of the internet it is possible to do it electronically which not only saves money but also greatly reduces the amount of work involved.

(Don't underestimate the number of sales leads you will need to process!).

To implement QIMS you just need a way to reach a targeted audience.

Here are some suggestions:

Direct mail to targeted list
Targeted e-mail newsletter
Loose insert in trade magazine
Standard advertisement in trade magazine
Post card mailings
Trade / professional association
Online promotion
Exhibition / event
Joint venture partnership with company in same target market
Fax broadcast
Your own customer database

These are just a few off the top of my head. Once we start analysing your business and target markets, I'm sure we will be able to identify the most appropriate methods to reach your market.

Another great benefit about QIMS is that it can be scaled to your budget. Start small and then roll it out once you have proved the success.

What's more you can roll the system out again and again to as many target markets as you wish.

"OK - this all sounds great, but
what exactly is QIMS?"

I know by now you will be excited to know more. However, I'm not going to tell you just yet for two reasons:

1) This is a proprietary technique - we developed it and are careful who we let use it. If too many people use it in a particular market it will quickly lose it's power.

2) You may be tempted to go off and tray to implement it by yourself which could be a mistake.

We have developed, tested and refined this system over many years. Although the basic system is simple, we have developed many tips and tricks that greatly increase its effectiveness and the response rates you achieve.

Basically if you go ahead by yourself, you may well get good results - but not the outstanding results we can help you achieve.

There is also the possibility you may mess it up altogether.

The great things about this system is when you get it right, you can roll it out year after year, improving it each time.

Get it wrong and you lose credibility, making it much more difficult to implement again.

If you are confused about how to market in the current climate, QIMS could be the answer

It has always been difficult to generate high quality and targeted sales leads - even before the current recession. But QIMS makes it easy.

How can Turnstone Marketing help?

First, the best thing you should note about Turnstone Marketing is that we are not a high priced agency.

In fact, Turnstone Marketing is really just me, Hugh Dixon, a renegade freelance marketer.

I have spent many years working in B2B and some B2C companies - always on very tight budgets with high returns expected.

I know what it's like on the front line. I also been fleeced a few times by high priced agencies with impressive campaigns but very dismal results.

I don't have expensive overheads and don't need fat margins.

I am therefore very affordable - especially considering the results that are achievable.

What I do for you

I have two levels of service.

The first I act as a consultant / coach. I tell you what to do and you or your staff implement it.

The second option, is if you are busy and don't have the resources then I can do most of the implementation for you. Although of course I will still need your input to ensure the campaign suits your market / customers.

There are three phases to the QIMS campaign:


Decide campaign objectives & budget
Identify target market
Establish company positioning
Decide campaign positioning
Identify means of reaching target market
Identify campaign partners as appropriate
Develop main campaign piece
Initiate response multiplying devices to greatly increase response rates
Set up infrastructure for running campaign


Campaign design
Copy writing
Response devices
Selecting appropriate suppliers
Detailed plan to ensure implementation goes smoothly
Monitoring results and responses in real time
Rolling out campaign

Follow Up

Developing a thorough plan to maximise success
Ensure all the right processes are in place to handle leads
Advise sales teams / other staff on the best way to follow up leads for maximum effect
Systems in place for fulfilment of leads
Analyse and compile results for campaign, market research & PR
Maximise PR potential of the campaign
Write press releases & articles


Although not being an agency has it's advantages, there is one disadvantage.

I only have the time to take on 1 or 2 QIMS campaigns per month. Each campaign lasts about 3 months. Also because of the nature of QIMS, I only work with one type of product or market niche (you'll understand why, when you discover the details of QIMS).

Therefore I only have very limited availability and so only work on a first come first served basis.

So if you would like to know more, give a call and we can have a no-obligation chat.

Hugh Dixon

Tel: 020 8133 7237