About Us

Turnstone Marketing is not your typical, over priced advertising or marketing agency. In fact, it is not an agency at all.

Turnstone Marketing is just me - Hugh Dixon, a renegade marketer. Having spent years marketing the most challenging products and being frustrated by high cost and ineffective agencies, I had no choice but to develop my own techniques and strategies.

I was also used to producing quantifiable results on a very tight budget. Not the kind of pretty brand advertising that most agencies come up with.

The best bit about not being an agency is that I have very low overheads and so I'm easily affordable.

However, as I only have limited time and availability, you had better call sooner or later if you want to find out how I can help you.

So if you would like to benefit from my real world experience, then give me a call for a no obligation discussion.


 Hugh Dixon

Tel: 020 8133 7237